Important Program Announcement!

The Newton Mentoring Alliance and our parent organization The Newton Partnership have been funded by federal grants and though we have searched for alternative options, we have not been able to secure anything that would allow us to continue this program. While our funding may have been temporary, the power of our mentors’ friendship and support is immeasurable and permanent.

  • We encourage matches to continue meeting and growing in their relationships. You have a strong and secure connection with your mentee and we believe your match can continue on its own.
  • We will be available until August 31st to provide match support should you need anything.
  • Free passes will still be available throughout the summer so please keep an eye on our activity list.
  • Match support guides, that include resources for continuing your relationship and supporting your mentee are available on our Match Support Guide page.

 We are here to support you during this transition. Please call 617-559-2055 or email if you have questions. Thank you for being an invaluable member of the Newton Mentoring Alliance.


Mentors and Mentees Share Experiences in Video
See firsthand what matches in our program had to say for themselves in our video!